Australian Monitor med digital revolusjon - se Revolution og AMD på ISE, Amsterdam

ISE-only_3 Australian Monitor will be focussing on their new digital products for ISE 2010,which will herald an exciting new direction  for Australian Monitor during the next decade and beyond. At the Australian Monitor stand this year, you will see the 'Revolution' and 'AMD' Product Range and both products embrace the ideals of simplicity, affordability and functionality.

The Revolution Series DSP Processors open up a whole new world for people who may have been a little reluctant to embrace digital technology. If you understand audio processing like EQ, compression and limiting etc and own a laptop, then the simplicity of this product will have you wondering why you didn't jump on board sooner!

Then there's AMD, with its state of the art D Class digital amplification in a space saving single rack unit. If your client's want to stay 'old school' and just plug it in like a traditional mixer amplifier then off they go. But,if they feel the need to connect a laptop and change the on-board DSP then they can really start to tailor the device to the installation environment.

Integrated Systems Europe is undoubtedly the most important show for the European market and focuses on the commercial audio and AV contracting areas. If the attendance numbers from 2009 are anything to go by, 2010 promises to be even bigger and better and we could see attendance numbers of around 28,000+.


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