XRS Speaker Bags have got you Covered!


XRS Speaker Bags Have Got You Covered!

The Australian Monitor XRS Speaker Bags are a tailored fit, designed to not only protect your speakers while in transit, but also provide resistance to the elements when in use. Available for the XRS10/P and XRS12/P, the speaker bags have some very clever features. They fit so well that you'll never want to take them off, and you don't have too!


Set Up in Seconds
The Australian Monitor XRS Speakers Bags allow full use of the speaker without ever needing to remove the cover. On the front, the bag features a heavy-duty two-way zip system with Velcro tabs, which allow the front of the cover to be neatly and securely tucked away during use.






Access All Areas
The XRSP speakers offer so many handy features; it would be a shame to hide them. The zip system on the back of the bag allows easy access to the XRSP's onboard mixer. Controlling the volume, bass and treble of the microphone and line inputs is as simple as ever. Passive XRS? Don't worry, the zip system also allows quick access to the 4 pole speaker connector on the passive models.


Handle Me with Care

No longer do you need to worry about bumping your speakers during bump out! The durable canvas exterior and soft plush interior of each XRS bag provides the ultimate in lightweight protection for your speakers. Access to the handle via a Velcro cover means safe lifting at all times, while pole mounting is made a breeze with the 'rip & flip' pole mount cover.




Stock of the XRS10CVR and XRS12CVR is now available.
Contact post@norsklydteknikk.com for more information.

Additional XRS Accessories:
XR8PMA - Pole mount adaptor for the XRS8/P - Sold in pairs.
XR8UMB - Universal mounting bracket for the XRS8/P - Sold in pairs.
XR10-12UB - Horizontal mounting bracket for the XRS10/P and XRS12/P - Sold in pairs.
ATC303 - Tripod speaker stand.

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